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LIVING IN SWITZERLAND - an undeniable quality of life ...

How to buy property in Switzerland
Vente maison suisse The purchase of real estate by foreigners is regulated. Non-residents can only buy second homes in some tourist areas.

EU citizens resident in Switzerland can buy without restrictions. Finally, other residents can purchase a single home for their personal use. Government regulations on the purchase of real estate can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Justice.

Switzerland has one of the best qualities of life in the world. You can enjoy a standard of living among the highest in the world, an excellent health care system and a political and fiscal stability unmatched, all in a francophone country in the heart of Europe and with a view on France.
Switzerland is characterized by its cultural diversity, multilingualism, beautiful scenery and its people.

Not to mention the famous system of the tax package that allows you to pay a fixed annual tax without having to declare your assets or income.

SWITZERLAND REAL ESTATE: Real estate FSBO in Switzerland

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Southomes offers all the real estate market in Switzerland for sale by owners. You are looking for a property in Switzerland. We offer below a list of property for sale by region. By clicking on a link you can view a wide selection of property for sale by owners.

You can also view all sales:
HOME VILLA PROPERY >> for sale in Switzerland
CASTLE MANOR >> for sale in Switzerland
LAND PLOT >> for sale in Switzerland
LUXUARY PRESTIGIOUS >> for sale in Switzerland
IMMEUBLE for sale in Switzerland
PENICHE MOBIL HOME for sale in Switzerland
MULTI PROPRIETE for sale in Switzerland
LOCAL COMMERCIAL for sale in Switzerland
RIAD for sale in Switzerland
APPARTEMENT 2 PIECES for sale in Switzerland
APPARTEMENT 3 PIECES for sale in Switzerland
APPARTEMENT 4 PIECES for sale in Switzerland
APPARTEMENT 5 PIECES for sale in Switzerland
CHAMBRE STUDIO for sale in Switzerland

Sold exclusively by owners without commission. Sale ads are translated into French, Spanish, English and Russian.


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