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How to sell his home to foreigners ? Advice

Sell a foreign buyer how it works

How to sell his home to an Englishman, a Russian and a Dutchman? What difference does it make to the seller? What if we do not speak French?

Much legitimate questions arise when considering the owners to publish a multilingual ad on our site.

language issue:

Firstly, you must know that when a foreigner considering buying a property in France, there is usually stayed previously as a tourist (often many times), he has come for professional reasons and therefore knows the area in which he wishes to buy, and sometimes it is or was the owner in this region, or in a nearby region.
In a word, he knows and understands or speaks France therefore minimal French. Communication is not a concern. And more often the purchaser is accompanied by a person speaking French. In addition, the act of purchase also involves mandatory formalities, and it is hardly conceivable to engage in a procurement procedure without being able to understand the different stages of the procedure.

Your Ad:

In the ad you post, which will be consulted in many countries, it is essential to talk to potential buyers in their language if you were yourself buying a property abroad, you'd probably be a little distraught to ads in another language, using a very specific vocabulary that you do not necessarily mastered all the subtleties. This is why all of our Internet ads are published in full in the four languages ​​most spoken in the world: French, English, Spanish and Russian. These four languages ​​can apply to more than 600 million Europeans in their mother tongue, almost all foreign buyers.
To this we should also add the Asia such as Russia, which is now a major economic player in terms of buying property in France.
In addition, we offer very detailed ads, which can provide a lot of information in each language.
Obviously, when a buyer is close to you, it can move immediately for a visit. In contrast, a foreign buyer must necessarily organize, plan trips and make a shortlist of goods they wish to visit. Ads offers detailed Southomes can meet this requirement.

Finally, you can specify your ad specifically the languages ​​you speak in this way, buyers viewing your ad know what (s) language (s) they can contact you, including if you speak French only.

How to find foreign buyers ?

But how to contact or to foreign buyers know that your property is for sale? How to learn English, Dutch, Russian, Americans or Canadians you sell your property?
Eg if you speak one or more languages ​​perfectly, you can choose to publish your own ad in the newspaper directly abroad. But it will cost you dearly, and you will not receive the readers of these newspapers.
The alternative is to publish a multilingual and both very detailed. Southomes services are specifically designed to allow homeowners French (and foreign) to reach a very simple and inexpensive over 600 million Europeans, without even needing to practice other languages.
First international real estate network in Europe, offering services Southomes your property high visibility beyond borders. With a few clicks, an Englishman, a Canadian, Dutch or Russian can be aware of your ad and discover all the advantages of your property, and get in touch with you directly.

To date, the only solution is Southomes enabling multicast both international and fully multilingual ads (sales, but also rentals and goodwill). Our statistics show that our website is accessed by about 65% foreigners.

And once the buyer found

In France, whatever the nationality of the purchaser, any sale through the notary.
From the standpoint of the buying process, things are even simpler. Given that the sale must go with your lawyer, if a foreign buyer wishes to purchase your property, it is the notary who will take over for signing the agreement, then the deed. It is also he who provide the buyer all the information on the sale. If necessary, it may be necessary to use a translator for the translation of official documents, such as compromise and deed. But all this does not concern you: your role is to visit your property, and to make the mandatory diagnostics. And your buyer is French, English or Russian, it makes no difference.

What type of property interest in aliens

Contrary to popular belief, foreigners who buy property in France do not target only the most treasured possessions. Thus we find apartments, houses to renovate, country homes, or properties.



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