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light and essence of the Mediterranean

Altea spreads graciously and eventually melt into the sea, drawing a beautiful landscape that seems to pay homage to its seafaring tradition. Its streets, cobbled and lined with geraniums and jasmine, you drive through the charm of a rural village wealth, where one breathes an atmosphere quiet and affable.

In addition, one of the greatest pleasures of this wonderful place is perhaps in its rich culinary tradition, where the flavors and aromas own rice and fresh fish exalt your senses so greedy, drunk in their turn by the gentle and persistent sea breeze.

Benidorm awakens in a sunny day, while its streets are filled with vitality and movement. From early morning, the promenade is transformed into a busy place, where the terraces of cafes and restaurants invite you to take "tapas" against its magnificent bay. His dream keeps warm climate of the Mediterranean water throughout the year for you to enjoy its beaches blue flag and its joyful atmosphere.

Of all the secrets that have converted to Benidorm in the leading city on the tourist market, are noted its incredible variety of services and leisure, with shopping and amusements, crafts, sports, amusement parks, restaurants and entertainment for all audiences. All this in a privileged environment that offers you the opportunity to visit the vicinity of great beauty.


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